Highlands Multicultural Festival – May 3, 10am-3pm

Multi FestPack 1800 is once again going to be a proud participant in this years Multicultural Festival at Highland’s Elementary.

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Pack 1800 will:

  • Participate in a cleanup and recycling Conservation Project to continue to help keep the school grounds clean of waste and help improve the environment. By helping with the Conservation Project, scouts can earn service requirements for their rank and earn a service patch.  Rotations will be hourly and only last 10 minutes.
  • Host a game outside.

Click here to Sign up for a slot to help volunteer at the game.

Pet Care Drive – Thursday March 21st

Pet Care DriveThis month’s Boy Scout theme is “Compassion: Pet Pals!”

To go along with the theme this month, Pack 1800 is going to prove how much we care about all things in our community!

We are going to have a Pet Care Drive at this month’s Pack Meeting…with all items being donated to the City of Sugar Land Animal Services.

Please think about helping out our “little friends” that are waiting to be adopted by bringing in food and toys to this month’s Pack Meeting on Thursday March 21st.

Please read this list below, provided by the city, that states the items the center will accept. Please pay attention to pet food, as not all food will be accepted.

  • · Please note: For the health and safety of our animals we cannot accept all brands of dry dog, puppy, cat or kitten food. We feed a specific brand of food for the digestive health of our animals. Switching food brands on already stressed animals can cause disruptions to the digestion of the animals. We can accept the following brands ONLY- Purina Dog Chow in the green bag, Pedigree Puppy Food, Purina Indoor Cat Chow in the green bag and Purina Kitten Chow

  • · Again for the health of our animals we can accept Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter in the gold and red bag ONLY, no other brands of litter. Switching litter will upset litter box usage and dustier brands can lead to Upper Respiratory Infection.

  • · Kong Toys

  • · Fleece type toys (need to be able to be washed in the washing machine)

  • · Hard plastic or rubber toys

  • · Old used soccer balls and leather type footballs

  • · Nylabones (all sizes and/or flavors okay)

  • · Dog Biscuits (all shapes, sizes and flavors okay)

  • · Rawhides (pig ears, dehydrated meat, bones, rawhide squares- all sizes and flavors okay)

  • · Fleece Blankets (smaller sizes for cats and larger sizes for dogs) and washable rugs

  • · Canned Cat Food and Kitten Food (all sizes and flavors okay)

  • · Kitten and Cat Treats (all flavors okay)

  • · Cat and Kitten Toys (all types okay – they love the feather wands and the ones that can be tied on to their cages)

  • · Stuffed Animals (need to be washable – they can not have any small parts that may be torn off –buttons, bows, etc. – they also must have stitched eyes and noses and be stuffed with poly-fill – no beads or beans)

Please consider bringing a box so we can transfer the items.

Pack 1800 planning to participate in one-mile Family/Youth Walk to benefit cancer research

A parent from another Cub Scout Pack, Tina Ober of Pack 828, was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The Webelos of Pack 828 wanted to honor Mrs. Ober, and started a very special service project in her name. They will be hosting a local 5K Run/Walk and 1-mile Family Walk with the proceeds benefiting the Pancreatic Cancer Patients Alliance. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness, increasing education and furthering pancreatic cancer research.

When Christina Sanchez, our new Pack Committee Chair, heard about this event and how the Scouting community is banning together to show support, she felt that we should use this as a learning opportunity for our boys. I completely agree! So we will be coordinating with Cub Scouts and family members of Pack 1800 that would like to attend the event to show community support.

The 1-mile Family/Youth Walk will be on a one mile trail inside Sugar Land Memorial Park, so it is off the road. The 5K Run/Walk will be on University Boulevard. All Scouts that participate are asked to wear their Scout uniforms (not tee-shirts). The cost for the 1-mile Family/Youth Walk is $15.00 per person. You can register online at www.eztoregister.com, click on events and then select Tina Tramples Cancer 5K.

Please note that all children under 12 years will need a parent with them at all times.

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