Pinewood Derby – January 31, 2015


On your Mark…Get Set….GO………

It’s that time again!
Time for the always popular Pack 1800 Pinewood Derby!

For information on date, location and time…please see the event page below.
Pinewood Derby Event Page


Open Shops

Don’t forget there will be two OPEN SHOP opportunities.  Our Committee Chair and Assistant Cubmaster Joe and Christina Sanchez have been gracious to open their garage and allow the Pack to use their tools and skills in helping with the cutting of the scout’s cars.  Please click on the OPEN SHOP event pages for more information.
January  10th
January  17th


Pack 1800 has rules set in place to make the competition as fair as possible.
These rules will be enforced and any car made with an unfair advantage will not participate in the race.

January Pack Meeting Pre-Registration and Weigh-In

January Pack Meeting
Please bring your car to the January Pack meeting on Thursday January 22rd for for a pre weigh-in…this is an opportunity to see if the car is too light, heavy or may need some modification before the event on January 31st.



For some additional resources on the derby…please click the links below…
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Drinks and food will be for sale during the event